Architecture10, Inc. Architecture, Planning, Construction Management

We have provided diversified architectural services covering
a wide spectrum of building types and wide range of
expertise. Our commitment to a higher level of standards, professionalism and dedication to our clients' interests has
ensured our continuous success in a very competitive
architectural market.

The embodiment of clients' architectural needs and dreams into fulfilling reality.


We aspire to make clients' architectural experience both satisfying and tranquil.


The following COMMITMENTS have guided us for so many years in focusing our vision and talent toward success and excellence in the architectural:

  1. We shall continue to be on the cutting edge of innovation and technology.
  2. We shall continue to adhere to the formula of integrating the holistic approach and attention to details in problem-solving process ensuring the best complete product for the client.
  3. We shall ensure that our clients receive the degree of quality of services and quality of end-product that they expect and deserve.
  4. We shall always insist in providing our clients with the best architectural product/service that meets the time, schedule and budget constraints.
  5. We shall always remember that our clients are our most valued assets; they will always receive our special attention and personal service.
  6. We shall always treat our clients with respect and appreciation; we are their personal consultant and will be there when they need us.


Over eighteen years of successful professional experience covering all phases of architectural work which includes, but not limited to: schools, government facilities, medical offices, offices, super markets, hotels, restaurants and residential. The size of these projects varies between $100,000 to $5 million. Our clients have come to rely on our uncompromising integrity, discipline, professional attitude and commitment to their needs.


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